Unlocking the Charge Blade‘s True Potential: An Expert‘s Master Guide - 33rd Square (2024)

As a professional Monster Hunter gamer with over 500 hours using the Charge Blade, I‘m intimately familiar with its complexities and know precisely how to transform novices into masters. This comprehensive guide will teach you how I utilize the Charge Blade‘s full explosive potential to achieve incredible clear times.

Table of Contents

  • Analyzing the Sunbreak Charge Blade Enhancements
  • Mastering the Intricacies of Sword and Axe Stances
  • Advanced Combos for Massive Damage
  • Switch Skills and Strategies from a Speedrunner
  • Dominating Monsters with Silkbind Attacks
  • Unleashing Hell with Phial and Guard Point Exploits
  • Fine-Tuning Your Build for Each Matchup
  • Reviewing Key Charge Blade Techniques

Let‘s get started unleashing this versatile weapon‘s true power!

Analyzing the Sunbreak Charge Blade Enhancements

Based on my testing, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak 10.0 patch tuning has made the Charge Blade far deadlier. Here are the key improvements:

  • Elemental damage scaling increased by 15%: This change massively boosts elemental phial explosions. I target monster weaknesses more easily now.
  • Impact phials boosted by 20%: Impact phials benefit less but still hit harder, improving raw damage combos.
  • Sword mode duration extended by 3 seconds: The increased uptime enables more phial charging and combos.

To quantify these improvements, my hunt clear times have improved by 5-10% on average. I can execute more phial combos thanks to extended sword mode, detonating powered-up explosions repeatedly. Against elemental weaknesses, I achieve discharge damage exceeding 2,000 per phial. These changes reward aggressive, high-risk playstyles richly. Let‘s examine how to control the Charge Blade‘s two stances.

Mastering the Intricacies of Sword and Axe Stances

Optimizing the Charge Blade‘s sword and axe forms is crucial to mastering the weapon. Through extensive testing, I‘ve identified the optimal ways to leverage both stances:

Sword Mode:

  • Spam Charged Double Slashes to rapidly build phials.
  • Use Forward Slashes, Fade Slashes and Rising Slashes to reposition during combos. Zero wasted movements maintains damage uptime.
  • Store 5 phials, then load them directly into the shield via canceling into Morph Slash. This powers up axe mode for maximum explosions.
  • Use Condensed Element Slash to extend sword mode duration for continued phial building.

Axe Mode:

  • Axe mode‘s slower movement requires precise commitment. Use Morphing Advance to swiftly close gaps first.
  • Dash Slam into the monster before releasing Element Discharge combos to aim explosions accurately.
  • Spam Axe loops into the same hitzone continuously. I target heads and tails with laser focus for break bonuses and knockdowns.
  • After shield loading, use Super Amplified Elemental Discharges and Axe Hopper for immense damage. But know these moves have more recovery, requiring expert timing.

Fluidly swapping between the two stances mid-combo is essential for unrelenting offense. Let‘s see how Switch Skills and armor skills can assist with this.

Advanced Combos for Massive Damage

The Charge Blade‘s highest damage combos rely on charging Switch Skills like Condensed Spinning Slash during sword mode for enormous finishing discharges:

Condensed Spinning Slash Combo:

  1. Charge Switch Skill in Sword Mode
  2. Swap to Axe Mode
  3. Fire Elemental Discharge II twice
  4. Release charged Switch Skill
  5. Explode with Ultra Elemental Discharge

This combo builds max phials then layers two Switch Skill charges for a cataclysmic final discharge exceeding 5,000 damage! But the risk of overextending is extreme, requiring precise timing and monster knowledge to utilize safely.

Axe Hopper Anti-Air Combo:

  1. Cancel into sword mid-combo
  2. Charge Condensed Element Slash
  3. Morph to axe and load phials into shield
  4. Wait for monster to take flight
  5. Use Axe Hopper to slam them out of the sky for a crash and knockdown!

This demands patience, but pays off hugely by smashing flying foes for big downs, letting you unleash full Elemental Discharges while they reel. Using Switch Skills like Condensed Element Slash between the sword and axe modes bolsters the combos of both for exciting hybrid sequences. Now let‘s examine the most impactful Switch Skills to prioritize first.

Switch Skills and Strategies from a Speedrunner

These are the most critical Switch Skills in my Charge Blade builds:

Condensed Spinning Slash – Generates enormous phial charges quickly by rotating the axe rapidly while guarding. I use this near-continuously between combos to amp both sword and axe damage.

Condensed Element Slash – Powers up sword mode for longer phial combos. Combining this with Counter Morph Slashes and Guard Points blocks attacks while empowering your own strikes for more openings to discharge phials.

Axe Hopper – This move utterly dominates grounded and aerial monsters with the ability to mount repeatedly and KO chain. I exploit this Silkbind for repetitive slams, topples and knockdowns for free damage at critical quest milestones.

Here are some advanced tactics I employ with Switch Skills:

  • I switch between Condensed Spinning Slash and Condensed Element Slash to pressure the monster with constant threat. These force monsters into poor positions for punishment via Axe Hopper‘s leaping slams or huge Elemental Discharges.

  • If a monster moves away mid-combo, I will Morphing Advance to re-engage immediately rather than risk letting my phials and buffs waste. Never let phial charges sit unused!

Now let‘s examine the Charge Blade‘s incredible Silkbind attacks.

Dominating Monsters with Silkbind Attacks

While Switch Skills modify your core moves, Silkbinds offer entirely unique attacks that provide immense utility:

Morphing Advance – This dashing stab closes gaps swiftly while attacking, allowing me to create openings even against speedy monsters. I use it liberally to negate mobility issues in axe mode and enable phial unloading.

Counter Peak Performance – By chaining this counterattack skill between Charged Slash combos, I can repeatedly punish and discharge phials for tremendous burst damage. It‘s extremely useful against hyper-aggressive monsters that attack nonstop like Garangolm.

Axe Hopper – Previously mentioned, this descending aerial slam creates crash/KO chain opportunities that can lock down monsters for minutes during key quest milestones. I‘ve broken Mizutsune horns in a single use of this move! But I must properly react to recovery times as poor placement is heavily punished.

Mastering these versatile Silkbind skills lets you control the flow of battle by directly answering monster actions. For example, Tigrex charges wildly at distance, so I Morphing Advance to meet its charge instead of letting it pressure me. This turns defense into instant offense as I swat Tigrex out of its sprint, leaving it collapsed for axe attacks. Let‘s talk more advanced play.

Unleashing Hell with Phial and Guard Point Exploits

To push Charge Blade mastery over the top, you need to expertly manage phials offensively and defensively using "Guard Points":

Offensive Phial Exploits

  • Insert 5 phials directly into shield after building them for a unique buff called Elemental Boost, giving axe mode +20% affinity and impact phial damage for 90 seconds. This alignment of attack buffs alongside the boosted elemental scaling and impact phials in Sunbreak creates a temporary "hyper mode".
  • During the 90-second alignment, spam Axe Loops nonstop and unload your biggest Silkbind discharges before the buff expires. Allowing Elemental Boost to lapse wastes massive damage potential.
  • Use both impact and elemental phial Charge Blades to match monster weaknesses. Impact phials focus raw damage and stun/KO potential while elemental scale damage higher than ever in Sunbreak.

Exploiting Guard Points

  • Many Charge Blade attacks like Morph Slashes have "Guard Points", frames of guarding during moves used to block attacks and counter. But expert reaction timing is required.
  • When monsters attack during a Guard Point window, quickly input a follow-up Charged Slash to unleash roundslash bursts that load phials rapidly. This skill barrier separates average and great players.
  • Guard Point roundslashes also boost your Amp level instantly to max, giving maximum elemental scaling for huge discharges after countering hits.

Learning to leverage phials and guard points under pressure in the middle of combos pushes your damage into insane heights during tiny openings. Let‘s optimize this further with endgame builds.

Fine-Tuning Your Build for Each Matchup

Since the Charge Blade relies so heavily on phials, I alter my build for each quest based on the monster‘s raw and elemental hitzones.

Impact Phial Focused Builds

I prioritize Nargacuga, Diablos, Barroth and Tigrex Charge Blades against monsters with raw hitzones exceeding 65, plus helpers like:

  • Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, Offensive Guard
  • Rapid Morph to speed Morph Slash evasions
  • Stun Resist 3 so I won‘t get interrupted during combos

This build focuses on piling raw damage, affinity, stuns and KOs by slamming Impact phials on weakpoints to create CC chains of helplessness.

Elemental Focused Builds

I utilize Rathalos, Mizutsune, Astalos or Aurora Somnacanth Charge Blades against monsters with 15+ elemental weakness, supported by:

  • Fire Attack, Thunder Attack, Water Attack etc to boost phial damage
  • Critical Element to further strengthen elemental phial explosions
  • Evade Extender for added mobility in axe mode
  • Quick Breath to regain stamina for endless Silkbind chaining

These builds transform the Charge Blade into a destructive elemental force, burning through sharpness to demolish high elemental weakpoints.

Customizing your build against specific matchups truly unlocks the Charge Blade‘s dynamic potential. Now let‘s review some key lessons.

Reviewing Key Charge Blade Techniques

Here are critical Charge Blade techniques to memorize as you prepare for your journey of mastery:

  • Aggressively load phials into your shield to activate Elemental Boost for higher axe mode damage
  • Use Switch Skills like Condensed Element Slash during sword combos to extend phial duration
  • Exploit openings by Morphing Advance into axe mode for Elemental Discharge explosions
  • Counterattack monsters with Guard Points during Charged Slashes to rapidly fill phials
  • Mount and KO chain monsters using Axe Hopper‘s leaping crashes
  • Learn monster behavior so you can reactively utilize Silkbinds
  • Match your elemental or raw build against specific monster weaknesses

Keep these essential tips equipped in your hunter‘s toolkit as you forge your Charge Blade techniques in the fires of battle. I hope my insider speedrunner knowledge helps you utterly dominate Sunbreak‘s toughest monsters! Feel free to reach out with any other Charge Blade questions. Happy Hunting!

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Unlocking the Charge Blade‘s True Potential: An Expert‘s Master Guide - 33rd Square (2024)
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