Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (2024)


  • Dual Blades excel in delivering rapid attacks with high damage output in Monster Hunter World.
  • Safi's Bindclaws can be obtained as a reward from the unique "Safi'jiiva Siege" quest in Iceborne.
  • Xireael+ is the best weapon for hunting dragons with its high stats and Elderseal effect.

Monster Hunter World gives players an out-of-this-world experience. Players take down mythical creatures with the help of a variety of weapons, capturing the essence of a hunter skillfully taking on adventures. To make sure players can easily take down monsters, they have to get their hands on the best weapons available.


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Among the weapon types available in Monster Hunter World, the Dual Blades stand out for their unparalleled combos and damage output. These melee weapons excel in delivering a rapid barrage of attacks, showcasing both power and agility to deal high damage to targets. In these category, the following weapons are the best the game has to offer.

Updated June 24th, 2024 by Blaise Santi: While Monster Hunter World has had quite an active lifespan since initially releasing in 2018, its DLC expansion, only brought more content for fans of the long-running action RPG franchise. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brought with it a plethora of new monsters, quests, and locales to challenge even the most seasoned veterans of the series. With these new monsters also comes new weapons to craft, which will be especially beneficial for Dual Blades users, as they'll have some brand-new options to choose from, some of which may be the best weapons in the entire game. Scroll to learn more on how to obtain these new, must-have Dual Blades in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which have been added to this list in its latest update!

10 Xeno Raqs+

High Sharpness And Elemental Damage Pair Well

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (2)

Materials Required

Safi'jiiva Hardhorn x4

Safi'jiiva Hardclaw x6

Safi'jiiva Cortex x8

Pulsing Dragonshell x7

Upgrade from Xeno Raqs: 80000z

Of all the new monsters introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the Xeno'jiiva, and its evolved form, Safi'jiiva, are among the most difficult, capable of explosive attacks and walls of flaming breath. It might be a hunt that tests players' limits, but the reward for gathering a number of their materials is the Xeno Raqs and its upgrade, the Xeno Raqs+, which boast incredible buffs.

Alongside strong blue and white Sharpness levels, the Xeno Raqs+ have a whopping 240 Dragon element, 392 base Attack, 15% Affinity, and two level 4 slots for Decorations. As far as Dragon element weapons go, they're some of the best in the game, and have very few downsides, apart from requiring players to best both forms of this horrific monster to obtain them.

9 Safi's Bindclaws

An Unparalleled Reward For A Difficult Monster

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (3)

Materials Required

Complete "Safi'jiiva Siege": 10000z

Safi's Bindclaws are another weapon that require the difficult task of defeating the Safi'jiiva. However, rather than being crafted from Monster Parts like most weapons, this brand of Safi'jiiva weapon can be obtained as a reward from "Safi'jiiva Siege," a unique quest for 16 hunters which is only available for short periods of time in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

As a reward for completing the quest, players can get one of 115 weapons, with every weapon type and element/status combination accounted for. Safi's Bindclaws, uniquely, come with 90 Paralysis, which pairs well with its decent white-level Sharpness, 378 base Attack, and 5% Affinity.

8 Arcanaria III

Unparalleled Agility And Explosive Damage

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (4)

Materials Required

Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x5

Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+ x4

Nergigante Talon x2

Bird Wyvern Gem x1

Upgrade from Arcanaria II: 32000z

The Arcanaria III grants its user unparalleled agility. Hunters can swiftly move around any target, evading fatal blows. Boasting a formidable combination of stats, this ultimate weapon wields a 120 Sleep Elemental Attack, 238 Attack Power, 20% Affinity, and Blue Sharpness.

The unique appeal of this weapon lies in its suitability for a sleep bombing strategy. With swift and successive attacks, hunters can apply the Sleep Element to overcome resistance before unleashing Mega Bombs to deliver explosive damage and incapacitate the monster. Overall, the weapon promises an engaging and enjoyable hunting experience.

7 Zireael+

The Best Monster-Killing Dual Blade

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (5)

Materials Required

Namielle Hardclaw x2

Leshen Skull x1

Purecrystal x2

Unity Symbol x1

Upgrade from Zireael: 80000z

Monster Hunter World did a collaboration with The Witcher 3, which probably why this weapon is extremely overpowered and has the look of the full Ciri Armor Set. The raw stats of the upgraded form speaks for its power: A high Elderseal, high purple Sharpness, 346 base Attack, 300 Dragon elemental damage.


Monster Hunter World: Best Charge Blades, Ranked

Charge Blade users in Monster Hunter World have some great weapons to choose from in the game.

It's no exaggeration to say that Zireael+ is fully optimized to take down dragons. Hunters can raise the weapon's stats further by adding a dragon element if they see the Free Elem/Ammo Up skill listed.

6 Empress Daggers "Styx"

A Unique Blend Of White Sharpness And Blast Damage

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (7)

Materials Required

Lunastra Tail x2

Xeno'jiiva Horn x3

Xeno'jiiva Gem x1

Research Commission Ticket x1

Upgrade from Empress Daggers "Ruin": 56000z

The Empress Daggers "Styx" presents a compelling option in the Monster Hunter: World arsenal. The weapon features 252 Attack Power, White Sharpness, Razor Sharp/Spare Shot Skills, 10% Affinity, two-level three slots, and 120 Blast Damage. This weapon, unfortunately, is only well suited for tackling the Lunastra monster.

However, despite the limitation, the overall build holds notable strengths. The unique combination of White Sharpness and Blast Damage will deliver optimum damage to monsters, giving players an extraordinary hunting experience.

5 Bazelhawk Rookslayer

A Weapon Well Suited For Rookies

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (8)

Materials Required

Bazelgeuse Wing x4

Bazelgeuse Talon x4

Bazelgeuse Gem x1

Xeno'jiiva Wing x3

Upgrade from Rookslayer Handaxes: 56000z

The Bazelhawk Rookslayer has two great advantages. First, even beginners can ace the game with this easy-to-use weapon. Secondly, the raw stats this weapon features for a rookie weapon are mindblowing: Blue Sharpness, -10% Affinity, 150 Blast Damage, and 280 Attack Power.

The icing on the cake is that this weapon is super easy to craft. Furthermore, the Bazelhawk Rookslayer can help hunters hit almost the end of the game. The blue sharpness and extra elements added to the blast damage make this weapon promising in terms of pure damage capabilities.

4 Decimation Claws

Sharp Claws That Leave Deep Scars

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (9)

Materials Required

Nergigante Horn+ x5

Nergigante Talon x5

Nergigante Gem x1

Xeno'jiiva Horn x2

Crafting Cost: 56000z

Decimation Claws have their place as a premier choice in Monster Hunter: World. Hunters can forge this formidable weapon from the Nergigante Tree. The dual blades boast a commanding 294 Attack Power, 120 Dragon Elemental Damage, and a significant Elderseal effect, all complemented by a reliable Blue Sharpness.

With a distinctive absence of Affinity, the Decimation Claws is tailor-made for taking down Elder dragons, delivering substantial damage with each precision strike. These wearable claws are designed to deliver significant damage through precise strikes, adaptability, and a touch of dragon flair for an unparalleled hunting experience.

3 Taroth Dagger "Rage"

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (10)

Materials Required

Complete "The Fury of El Dorado": 12000z

The Taroth Dagger "Rage" is a force to be reckoned with. It features great stats: Purple sharpness, -20% Affinity, 294 Attack Power, and 240 fire element damage. They're relatively easy to obtain compared to other dual blades in this list; however, players still need luck on their side to get this mythical force.


Monster Hunter World: Best Skills For Dual Blades

Dual blades are the ideal option for hack-and-slash enjoyers in Monster Hunter World. These skills will pair up the best with them.

These dual blades can be acquired by completing the Banquet in the Earthen Hall quest. However, it's important to note two main drawbacks of this weapon. Firstly, it cannot undergo any upgrades. Secondly, it's only effective against certain types of monsters. Despite these drawbacks, the raw stats of this weapon are enough to take down most monsters easily.

2 Wrathful Predation

Experience The Wrath Of A Bloodthirsty Weapon

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (12)

Materials Required

Deviljho Scalp x2

Deviljho Tallfang x5

Deviljho Gem x1

Elder Dragon Blood x5

Upgrade from Wrath & Rancor: 54000z

With the Wrathful Predation, hunters can go on an all-out rampage and make their weapon's blood quench. This weapon embodies one of nature's best predators: the Deviljho. The Blue Sharpness, negative 20% Affinity, 180 Dragon Damage, a high Elderseal, and 300 Attack Power make this weapon look like the perfect monster-killing weapon.

The only drawback this weapon offers is the -20% Affinity. However, looking at the other magnificent stats, this drawback can be easily overlooked.

1 Diablos Clubs II

A Brutal And Menacing Weapon

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (13)

Materials Required

Black Diablos Carapace x4

Black Spiral Horn+ x3

Nergigante Horn+ x2

Wyvern Gem x1

Upgrade from Diablos Clubs I: 32000z

The Diablos Clubs II are some of the meanest-looking weapons in the game. They resembles curved demonic horns, with spikes along the edges. The blades feature Blue Sharpness, Ice 90 Elemental Damage, and 322 Attack Power. It's better than the Wrathful Predation in the damage-delivery, and only has a -10% affinity.

The Diablos Clubs II even have two upgrade levels. Hunters can awaken the true potential of these weapons using the Free Elem Ammo Up.

Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (14)
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
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Monster Hunter World: Best Dual Blades, Ranked (2024)
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